At Beitostølen Hytter and Camping we offer great opportunities for camping caravans. The terrain over the campsite is undulating which gives campers more privacy. The distance to the reception and the sanitary facilities is short. Winter camping is also possible, as there are many activities in Beitostølen during winter time.
The camp ground is populated with mountain birch which creates a cosy natural environment.

Beitostølen Hytter & Camping

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Beitostølen Hytter & Camping

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Beitostølen Hytter & Camping

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Winter Season 01.09 - 31.05

Per day: NOK 375.-

NOK 10890,- + electricity

Easter: NOK 3000,-

Week in low season: NOK 1600,-+ electricity

Prices include tax.

Summer Season 01.06 - 31.08

Daily price: NOK 375.-

NOK 5550,- + Electricity.

the concert of Sting and Trollrock prices + NOK 150,- pr/pers. pr/day. (at least 2 days)

Tent pitch: NOK 100,-

Tent pitch with motorcycle: NOK 160.-

Tent pitch with car: NOK 210,-

Prices include tax.