Cancellation rules

§1 In case of cancellation no later than 1 month. before arrival, the advance payment will be refunded in full.

§2 If canceled no later than 2 weeks before the arrival date, 50% of the rent will be charged.

§3 If canceled later than 2 weeks before the arrival date, you must pay for the stay in full.

Advance payment:
Advance payment is made at the reception upon arrival.

Terms - General conditions
§1 The confirmed price applies provided that the rental object is not to be used for more people than it is classified for. Possible additions according to current prices.

§2 On the day of departure, check-out must take place no later than 1100, or by agreement. (at 1200 for camping units). If guests wish to accelerate their departure in accordance with booked departure date, the rent is not refunded according to what has been ordered and confirmed.

§3 Check-in is guaranteed after 1500. (The unit may be ready earlier.) (please let us know if you arrive after 1800). The rent is paid on arrival at the reception.

§4 __________

§5 Arrival date means the date the rental object is reserved from.

§6 Confirmed booking only applies to booked room/cabin standard. Requests to rent a specific cabin number/room number will be accommodated as far as possible, but cannot be guaranteed/confirmed.

§7 Beitostølen cabins and camping asks for your understanding that errors or defects that may occur on the rental property during the holiday may not be repaired on the same day. This is due to holiday closures also at our suppliers.

§8 Beitostølen cabins and camping reserves the right to use its regular suppliers.

§9 Beitostølen cabins and camping disclaims any liability for loss or damage to valuables/assets stored in the rental unit, as well as for conditions mentioned in § 6 and § 7. Beitostølen cabins and camping can, at its own discretion, provide compensation for such.

§10 Beitostølen cabins and camping disclaims any responsibility for conditions that are considered to be beyond our control.

§11 These terms are considered accepted upon check-in/order. If pre-ordered, the order can be canceled free of charge within 24 hours if the terms are not accepted.